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Players may “play up” (i.e., play for a team in an age group that is older than the player’s designated age group) only with the prior approval of the Club’s Director of Coaching.
Responsibilities of Players Desiring to Play Up
Each year, players desiring to "play up" shall submit a request to the DOC prior to Tryouts, even if the player “played up” in the previous year. Decisions will be made from year to year; no player will be automatically "grandfathered." 
Playing Up Committee
After consultation with the coach(es) from each age group involved, a committee of the Board (the “Playing Up Committee”) will make determinations regarding all playing-up requests based upon all relevant factors. The Playing Up Committee ordinarily shall consist of the Director of Coaching (DOC), along with relevant coaches and potentially other board members.  If any committee member believes that he or she should not participate in any particular playing-up request because of a personal interest in the outcome of any playing up request, he or she should recuse himself or herself from participating in that particular decision.  The Board may alter or add to the composition of the Playing Up Committee on a permanent or case-by-case basis for such reasons.
In making decisions regarding each playing-up request, the Playing Up Committee shall take into consideration the following guidelines:
  1. When it is appropriate for soccer and social development, the opportunity for the exceptional player to play with older players may be approved. Occasionally, a player may have such ability that the best thing for that player is to play in a higher age group. In those cases, permission may be granted if it is determined that allowing the player to “play up” is necessary and/or appropriate to (i) expose the player to levels of competition commensurate with their skills, and (ii) provide the player with a challenging environment necessary to inspire the player to higher levels of play and thus maintain their interest and passion for the game.
  2.  If a player’s correct age group is unable to provide player with the training, coaching and/or competition that he or she needs, strong consideration will be given to allowing the player to play at the next higher age group.
  3. If a player successfully played up last year, strong consideration will be given to allowing the player to stay with that age group. In addition, the Playing Up Committee may from time to time deem it necessary or appropriate to place player(s) in a higher age group in the best interest of the Club (for example, if the ability to form a team depends on relocating some players from one age group to another or a player on a waiting list can fill a vacancy on a higher age group team.) Ordinarily, however, no player will be required by the Club to play at a higher age group. In such cases, the decision will be reviewed from year to year with no presumption that the player is "grandfathered."
As a general rule, United SC soccer players are expected to play at their birth age group. "Playing up" is discouraged, particularly with respect to players who have not yet begun high school. It is ordinarily in the best interests of the club and the player if players play at their proper age group. 

Requests must be submitted here.
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