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5v5 No-Contact

5v5 No-Contact for June-July     $25 per player *Approximate cost, based on city field rental fees

Who? - Anyone interested in playing, whether players, parents, or coaches.  Don't have to be on a United SC team.

What? - Simple, fun, 5v5, no-contact soccer with some modified rules (see below). No practices, and teams will play 5-7 games.  Depending on how many team sign up, efforts will be made to place teams in separate divisions to balance the level of play.
     Gold - Recommended for more experienced players of high school ages
     Silver - Recommended for middle school and younger levels of play
When? -  Mid-June thru July, with 1 game per week, during the weekdays.  Start times are either 5:30 or 6:30pm.
   *Scroll down to see the schedule.  

Where? - Local park, often Osborn

Why? - This is all about having fun, developing skills on the ball, getting to know others in the club and demonstrating good sportsmanship!  Additional benefits:

  • Off-season playing time / Pre-season training
  • Realistic boundaries like the real game; all players can go anywhere on the field. No penalties for stepping in the goal box.
  • Improved player development. 5-a-side lends itself to a system of play with the diamond and triangle shapes players should look to maintain when playing larger sided games.
  • Goalkeepers. The game trains keepers in the off-season. It also trains forwards to shoot on goalkeepers rather than empty nets. With the modern game (back pass rule) 5-a-side also encourages goalkeepers to play as field players, improving their footwork on the ball.

Next steps...

1) We recommend organizing a team of 8-12, ideally with at least 3 different families so that everyone doesn't have to make every game.  This allows for folks to enjoy other summer activities and not feel bound to the schedule.

2) Identify and agree upon your "Team Manager" (must be 18 or older).  This doesn't have to be a coach or even a player, but an adult who is willing to ensure that only registered team players are in the game and behaving as expected. :) Team Managers volunteer using this form, and later, players can then register under the respective Team Manager. 

3) When a sufficient number of Team Managers have volunteered, a link will later be provided for all players to use for signing up.  When individuals use the TeamSnap link to register, they will be asked to select the name of their Team Manager, which associates them with that team.  Team names and game schedules are based on the Team Manager.
     *Scroll down to see the schedule.


Standard FIFA rules used as much as possible, with the important exceptions called out below.  Teams may agree on other variations, as needed, but the intent is to keep things as simple as possible.

In order to keep costs low and make things simple and fun, teams are expected to self-manage and referee their own games. The club may designate a facilitator to oversee game nights.  If weather or other factors impact a game, the Team Managers are expected to communicate with one another and then with their respective teams. For rescheduling a game, they can then work to agree on and arrange for another time slot when the fields are not in use.

What is meant by "No-Contact" and why play that way?

No contact reduces the risk of injuries and allows play for mixed age groups, including parents who want a chance to get off the sideline.  It forces players to work on touches, quick play, and skill rather than brute force.  Therefore, there is no slide tackling, no shoulder tackles, etc.  Block tackling is permitted, but older and larger players must take it easy with younger players.  When in doubt, be a good sport and take it easy!  We don't want to discourage young players from continuing to play soccer.

Field Size: Approximately 40x60
Goal Size: 7 x 21
Duration of each half: 25 minutes, substitution on the fly; assign one or two of your own timekeepers to track this
Ball size: 4 or 5, ideally try to match the size that the majority of players would use during their regular season. Home team provides the ball when in question.
No off-sides
No goalkeeper punts
All free kicks are indirect
"2for1" u12
player - Each team may play have ONE of these "2for1" players on the field at a time.  The "2for1" player is made of 2 players who are both under 12 years old.  They would play in place of one adult or older player.

Remember to identify and agree upon who your "Team Manager" will be.  Then, when you register online, you'll be asked to enter their name, and this will allow for you to be assigned to their team.  Team Managers are responsible to know and communicate game schedules and plans.

Questions? email: [email protected] - please ask a 5v5 veteran first, before firing off your question

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